Nyeri Yang Diprovokasi Electric Foot Shock, Daya Bunuh Makrofag dan Penggunaan Imunomodulator BCG pada Mencit BALB/c

Oleh : Dwi Pudjonarko, M. Naharuddin Jenie, Edi Dharmana


Latar belakang: Nyeri dapat mempengaruhi imunitas tubuh melalui aksis Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (I-IPA) dan Symphatetic adrenal-medullary (SAM) dengan menurunkan produksi sitokin tipe 1. Penggunaan imunostimulator BCG terbukti .dapat meningkatkan respon imunitas seluler melalui respon tipe I. (more…)

Dislipidemia dan Oval Fat Bodies Dalam Urin

oleh : Indranila


Latar belakang: Profil lipid sebagai uji saring umumnya adalah kolesterol, trigliserid, kolesterol-HDL, kolesterol-LDL dimana biaya pemeriksaan ini masih cukup mahal, sementara pola makan cenderung tinggi lemak. Oval fat bodies (OFB) merupakan salah satu pertanda lipiduria diharapkan dapat menggambarkan keadaan lemak darah pada uji saring laboratorium secara sederhana, non invasif dan murah.



R. Djokomoeljanto

ThyroMobil project in Indonesia supports the finding of previous national IDD survey that iodine deficiency has been eliminated in large parts of Indonesia. However in many places iodine deficiency has been replaced by iodine excess especially in Central Java particularly Sukoharjo. This should alert us to conduct regular monitoring and bilogical monitoring urinary iodine at the population levels should be reinforced and maintained. (more…)


Soeharyo H, Margawati A, Setyawan H and Djokomoeljanto

IDD concept is not the same with endemic goiter concept, that the disorder influence to physical and mental’s growth development, from fetus to adult. In the other side, the symptoms can’t be seen clearly, which difficult to be observed without special observation. There are great variation on IDD disorder from goiter, endemic cretin to minimal brain damage. But that disorder can be prevented well by using iodine adequately and continuously. The main hindrance in the field including: 1) Iodine vehicle choices, although generally the main choice is iodinized salt and the alternative choice is iodine solution in oil 2) Reaching guarantee on IDD’s high susceptible group, like school-children, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, eligible women.3) Continuity programme, remembering the main IDD problem is the result of iodine deficiency area, that need management continuously. (more…)



Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) is still one of public health nutrition problems in many countries, including Indonesia. Through various efforts the IDD prevalence is reducing, but still unsatisfactory.

It is widely accepted that iodine deficiency is caused mainly by low availability of iodine in the soil. However, role of some other substances is of attentions for the last decade, including goitrogenic substances. Other micronutrients might play important role. The paper is concentrating on the relationship of selenium and iodine deficiency.

Selenium is one of essential micronutrients. The requirement is quite low and (theoretically) easy to be toxic in higher doses. It can be found in seafood, organ and small amount in plants. It is consumed as inorganic selenium, selenomethio-nine and selenocycteine. The absorption is passive in a high proportion, hence it does not play in homeostasis of selenium. (more…)