Karies Gigi dan Perlaku Pencegahan serta Pengobatannya di Kotamadya Semarang

Tahun 1997 Volume 32 Nomor 1
Oleh : Anies, Henry Setiawan, Soeharyo Hadisaputro


Dental caries is still a problem due to its prevalence is still high, about 80% of the population in Indonesia . This research has been conducted in 2 villages in Semarang municipality which are represent as rural and urban areas.

Cross-sectional method has been used in this survey. The location of the study was chosen by random sampling technique. The composition of location consisted of two urban “Kelurahan” and two rural “Kelurahan”. The population of the study is people at the age of 21 – 24 year. The number of the respondents was 124 persons consisting of 31 persons from each kelurahan sample. The data collecting techniques consisted of questionaire administered through interview, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), observation and direct meansurement about the level of caries.

Research approves that the prevalence of dental caries is still high, 79.5% in rural area and 71% in urban area. Knowledge of dental caries signs and symptoms of the respondents are good enough, but the knowledge of its causes and medication are still poor.