Gambaran Histologi Kelenjar Timus Kelinci Jantan Dewasa Muda yang Diberi Prostaglandin Parentral dan yang Peranal Secara Kronis

Tahun 1997 Volume 32 Nomor 2
Oleh : Nurdjaman

Thymus gland as limphocyt organ is the most important organ in imunity aspecialy in producing limphocyt cell called t cell.

The aim for this study is to determine the influence of prostaglandine as mitogen on the thymus gland of male young rabbits . Twenty male rabbits were devided rudomly in to two groups. The first group consist of ten rabbits will be injected with prostaglandine and the second group (10 rabbits) are given prostaglandine peranally. Before starting the experiment all rabbits were observed one week for adaptation.

The prostaglandin is given once a week for four month. One week after the last treatment all this rabbits were killed and the thymus gland fixated in Bouin solution for three hours and in the 10% formalin solution for twenty hours. The thymus gland were prosesed by microtehnical prosedure, paraffin methods and haematoxilin staining. This preparation were examined by lighy microscope.

Proliferation of lymphocyt cell in thymus gland of the first group (treated by injection) was greater than in the thymus gland of the second group (treated peranal). This difference was statistically significance.