Pembuatan Antibodi Monoklonal Toxoplasma Gondii

Tahun 1997 Volume 32 Nomor 2
Oleh : Winarto, Edi Dharmono, Wayan
T Artama

To make an early diagnosis of toxoplasmosis, an effont was made to develop monoclonal antibody for toxoplasma gondii surface antigen using type RH toxoplasma.

The dominant surface antigen were those having molecular weight 20 kDa, 24 kDa, 30 kDa, 41 kDa, 55 kDa, and 67 kDa . For immunization we use crude antigen, extracted with Nonidet P40, after sonification of toxoplasma gondii.

Cloning was made by dilution technique. Hibrid Clone was infected intraperitoneally to nice balb/c to induce ascites consist of monoclonal antibodies.

Five monoclonal antibodies were found, and after hydroxylapatite purification and collected in a mini colector, the type were one IgG 2a, all having kappa light chain. By electro foresis the mollecular weight of the light chain, was 28 kDa and the heavy chain was 50 kDa.