Reducing Bacterial Vaginosis by Avoiding Vaginal Douche Among Massage Girls

Tahun 2000 Volume 35 Nomor 1
Oleh : Tri Nur Kristina

Background: Pilot study on massage girls in Semarang showed that the prevalence of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) was 42% where 87% of them have behavior of using vaginal douche frequently.
Objective: To prove that education of do not using vaginal douche can reduce the incidence of bacterial vaginosis among massage girls . Participants & Method: This is Quasi Ei studi. Massage girls from 4 locations in Semarang were devided as a treatment group and control group. Participants with BV (+) were excluded from this study. Sample size and power for comparing two binomial proportions, P1=30% and P2=14%; a= 0.05 Power = 80% and 10% drop outs, a sample size was 91 each group. Treatment group were given education of do not using vaginal douche very frequently, whereas control group were not given that education. Both group were taken vaginal secretion to examine B V by Gram stain blindly in the next 3 month.
This study showed that the incidence of B V in the treatment group statistically significant differences compared with control group. Treatment group have 0,39 times risk of having B V compared with control group (RR = 0,39 with 95% Ci 0,22 – 0,67; X = 119 p = 0.0006). The proportion of BV in the treatment group was 13/85 (15,3%), whereas in the control group was 32/82 (39,1%). Thus, this study also clinically sign approved that education of do not using vaginal douche can reduce the incidence of B V among massage girl by 24 percentages point. Controlling for the effects of age, low education, and vulva hygiene, control group who use vaginal douche have 2,17 times the risk of having BV than treatment group (adjusted RR = 2, 17, 95% ci = 1,43-3,29, p = 0,0003).