Penerapan Analisis Jalur dalam Menentukan Pengaruh Langsung dan Tidak Langsung terhadap Frekuensi Pemeriksaan Kehamilan

Tahun 2000 Volume 35 Nomor 2
Oleh : Sarwanto, Widya Ayu Puspita

The objective of the study is to know a description of direct influenced variable to pregnancy services coverage. Several studies have been conducted to ident variables which influence the frequency of pregnancy services, however, the direct influenced variable haven ‘tfoundyet . Using Path Analysis it will be found the direct influenced variable to the frequency of pregnancy services as its dependent variable. The magnitude oj direct influenced variable can be calculated and become an important indicator to increase pregnancy services coverage by health provider. The findings from analysis shows that variables contributed to frequency of pregnancy services are mother age, education, profrssion, number of children, and income. From those variables the biggest direct influenced is from income (18.145%f and mother age (13.9%). With the increased income to more than Rp 331228,- per month and postponed the delivery age to 26 years old, it was hoped that the frequency of pregnancy services will be increased.