Common Emission and Ejaculation Disorder

Tahun 2000 Volume 35 Nomor 3
Oleh : Susilo Wibowo

Many factors may affect sexual function. The organic causes of seminal emission disorder and ejaculation disorder seems to be dominant. Organic cause of anemission includes various surgical procedures, for example as consequence of bilateral retroperi toneal lympnode dissection.
The most common ejaculation disorder is premature ejaculation, which apparently affects more than 30% of men . Criteria for defining premature ejaculation include failure to achieve orgasm by the partner, duration of intercourse until ejaculation, number of intravaginal thrusts until ejaculation, and criteria specified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (‘DSM-lV, of the American Psychiatric Association. Premature ejaculation is further classified as being primarm’ or secondary; persistence or recurrent; organic or psychogenic in origin. Organic causes include trauma to the sympathetic nervous system, pelvic fracture, prostatic hyperirophy, prostatitis, diabetes. arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, local gen ito-urinary disease, generalized neurological disease, and localized sensory impairment