Pengelolaan Asma Akut pada Anak

Tahun 2000 Volume 35 Nomor 4
Oleh : Magdalena Sidhartani

The term acute life-threatening asthma is preferred to the term status asthmaticus to describe the occurrence of severe airways obstruction causing acute respiratory distress and not responding to simple bronchodilator therapy . The definition of status asthmaticus is uncertain and at times has been defined as asthma persisting for 24 hours and unresponsive to bronchodilator therapy. The aim of management of acute asthma is to relieve the respiratory distress using timely and appropriate use of drugs that have been proven to be effective. There are many Concensus of Acute Management of Asthma both international, national or regional but this algorithm is proposed to he used in various level of health facilities. Although the management oleach child with acute attack of asthma must be individualized, certain general principles apply to all patients. Some health facilities may not be equipped to carry out all of the following steps, but most of these general principles can be instituted in any health facility.