Inexpensive-Nutritious Bread Made from Locally Available Foodstuff As A Second Choice to The Indonesia Traditional Complex Meal

Tahun 2001 Volume 36 Nomor 2
Oleh : Sapardi Brojohudoyo

Background : Indonesia and especialli javanese daily menu is very time consuming to prepare. Beside that it is not so tenable . A breakthrough is nedded to find a simpler dish which relative cheap . more sustanaible, easy to carry and wholesome, based on its nutrional value and other criteria such as texture and taste. Based especially one that can be made from local food material could be the best answer, because it could also leson the burden of importing wheat flour 
Objective : to produce inexpensive bread using locally available foodstuff.

Materal and methods :
three recipes of bread making were tried using different material and compared their features mentioned including their cost rice to those of the ordinary wheat flour bread.
Result: local bread from rice flour, tempe gembus powder and tape (fermented casava) based on those criteria mentioned as well as on their nutrional value and cost price can be a matc wheat flour bread.